ABA Autism Services

Janice Milstein, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Board Certified Behavior Analyst # 1-11-8742 


ABA Autism

Basking Ridge New Jersey
& Surrounding Areas

Social Skills Groups Available in Basking Ridge

5 week session from July 8 - August 8, 2013
2 afternoon meetings/week to coordinate with ESY

For details, call Dr. Janice Milstein (908)-938-8970

ABA Autism Services offers high quality, individually designed behavioral services using scientifically validated interventions and data-based treatment decisions for children with autism.  All services are provided by Dr. Janice Milstein, a doctoral level board certified behavior analyst with extensive experience in applied behavior analysis and autism.  In-home and office sessions are available to meet your family's needs. 

ABA Autism Services is dedicated to improving the lives of children with autism and their loved ones by providing compassionate, high quality behavioral programming based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

ABA Autism Services uses a positive approach focused on building skills and reducing undesired behavior so your child can participate more fully with family and peers in the community.  Behavioral programs are individually designed to meet your child's needs using scientifically validated ABA interventions.  Behaviors that will make an immediate and significant difference in your child's life are targeted for treatment.  An important component of treatment is a collaborative partnership with parents to maximize successful outcomes and enduring change across settings.

What is ABA?
ABA refers to Applied Behavior Analysis which is a scientific approach to understanding and improving behavior.  ABA is based on the principles of learning (how behavior is learned and unlearned) and focuses on improving socially significant behaviors to make an immediate, meaningful difference in a person's life.  The hallmark features of ABA are its objective systematic approach to defining, observing, and measuring behavior.  By measuring objectively defined behavior, the effects of interventions can be determined.

Why use ABA?
During the past 40 years, thousands of published research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ABA interventions for treating autism across a wide variety of behaviors, ages, and levels of functioning.

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